Tasty Gifts For Anyone!

Tasty Gifts For Anyone!

Christmas shopping can suck. What the hell is your dad going to do with another multi-tool or flashlight? Do you think your brother really wants another gift card to Applebees? No.

Grow a sack and pick up what they REALLY want... 

The SAVAGE Combo Pack

To start, I'll hit you the right hook. The #1 selling, most-anticipated gift you can pick up for any guy on your shopping list (including yourself) is the SAVAGE Combo Pack. With this bad-boy, you get a full size bag of each of our seasoning blends - 1 for every occasion - including the new Adirondack Smoke BBQ! 5 full bags for seasoning foods from sun-up, to sun-down. This kit is the perfect gift for any grill-go'er or stove-boss that takes pride in what he makes... The same guy that makes jokes about "Nobody beating his meat"... we get it. 

Pick it up today for a discounted rate of $60 plus discounted flat-rate USPS shipping (grab two, and shipping is FREE!). Trust me when I say, he will NOT be disappointed. 

OG Combo Pack. Assault & Pepper + Carving House

The tried-and-true duo of meal domination. You get a full bag of each, Assault & Pepper and Carving House for a discounted rate. Assault & Pepper is your go-to for just about anything. Add the multi-pepper flavor to anything from chicken and rice to eggs and sausage. One of our favorite's on our house is Assault & Pepper potato wedges - spicy, but not too hot. Top that off with a full bag of your butchers favorite Carving House blend. Carving House is a perfect compliment for steaks on the grill or even some baked bacon. As a matter of fact, we have the recipe for the best bacon in the world... and it features Carving House seasoning blend.

Grab a pack of what started it all with the OG Combo Pack now for under $25.

Tacticalories Gear - Grill Game STRONG!

Behold, the Tacticalories SQUAD apparel line - now available!  Hoody, T-Shirt, and Beanie. Build with a grill savage in mind - Perfect fit, comfy and ready to do work!


  • Made in the greatest country on earth, The U.S.A.
  • Reasonable Flat Rate Shipping, FREE over $100.
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Sodium
  • No Additives or Fillers
  • No MSG
  • UNREAL flavor