FIRE FORGED SEA SALT - MKC COLLAB | Premium Spicy Sea Salt Blend

Fire Forged Sea Salt has become a cult classic for it's simple yet intense salty heat. We accomplished this one-of-a-kind flavor by combining premium ingredients with the proprietary Tacticalories method of grinding and mixing like Master Bladesmith and CEO of Montana Knife Company Josh Smith Says "KNOW YOUR MAKER" This collaboration installs over 30 years of craftmanship into a clean, simple, rich, and firey sea salt blend perfect for dusting over any meal. 
Simple in design, but it hits just where you need it. SALTY HEAT!
Use anywhere you'd typically use salt to add some real, rich heat. This Sea Salt blend will add some heat, but not burn the place down... (See HELLFIRE Forged Sea Salt)
PERFECT for all aspects of meal and food prep. Clean, simple, rich, and firey. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews

    Best seasoning out there bar none. Great on vegetables, meat....everything you want to give a little kick to.

    Brent Sperry
    A must have for every kitchen!!

    Don’t just stick with the spicy sea salt you have to get all of their blends. Some of the best seasonings I’ve had and I try a lot of them.

    Brent Nolen
    My go to!

    Eat this on everything. The heat to salt ratio is perfect and never feels off balance. The kids won’t touch it ( again ) but it’s my favorite!

    Bernard Fryer
    Sneaky Spicy

    Delicious spice with a sneaky bite.

    Kelsey Miller

    This seasoning has just the right amount of kick. I love putting it on ground turkey!