FIRE FORGED SEA SALT | Premium Spicy Sea Salt Blend


This has got to be one of my most requested additions. A simple, premium sea salt blend with some fiery heat at the end. This is a step off of the brands' current path of dry-rubs and standard seasoning blends, and with that - I couldn't be more proud to drop this one.

Simple in design, but it hits just where you need it. SALTY HEAT!

Use anywhere you'd typically use salt to add some real, rich heat. This Sea Salt blend will add some heat, but not burn the place down... (See HELLFIRE Forged Sea Salt)

PERFECT for all aspects of meal and food prep. Clean, simple, rich, and firey.

NET WT. 5 OZ (142G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.95g) | Servings per Container - 149
Sodium - 295mg
Sugar - 0mg

Our own craft recipe blended with sea salt, dark chili powder, ground habanero, and capsicum oleoresin.


Customer Reviews

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On everything

It started as a simple spice and now we put it on everything. This is great on everything we have put it on.

OMG yes

This blend is perfect, Frist time I tried this was on my eggs, lets just say this is the only way I will be eating eggs in the future. Then I tested on a T-Bone cooked on the Traeger....the verdict is a huge YES. Perfect blend of salt and heat. Thank you for making great seasoning that are fresh and favorable.


I just reloaded my cupboard with a 1lb bag of the Fire Forged Sea Salt - We use that on EVERYTHING! I also picked up1 bag each of the Hellfire and Honey Habanero. I am blown away by those two. I was worried maybe they would be just too hot masking the flavor of the meats - couldn't have been more wrong. They do add heat but it is balanced out with some incredible flavor. Will be keeping those around as a staple from now on.

Best seasoning I ever had

Just ordered a 5lbs bag again because I literally can not eat a steak with out it anymore

Fire in the hole

Fire forged sea salt ... this is literally one of the best blends of seasonings I’ve ever had a chance to cook with! It’s subtle and sneaky heat but overhwhelmingly tasty! This is something I use on litteraly everything! Can’t wait to get more!