@jonathan.bbq of#SmokinHope drops his latest creation... EASY to make, Mozzarella Meat Bombs Tacticalories Style...


Now go ahead and grab these 4 simple Ingredients:


Shake Big Medicine Blend, Carving House, or any other Tacticalories seasoning directly over the raw ground beef, and mix well. This will add savory flavoring throughout the meat. In your palm, make flattened patties with the meat and then press the mozzarella balls into the patty. Work the meat around the mozzarella ball to make a perfect meatball shape.

We prefer to smoke these bombs with hickory chips for a true smokey flavor. Use a temperature of between 325* and 350*, we cook these bombs for around 25 minutes or until the center temp peaks at around 140*, flipping/turning at least once. Glaze with Candy Apple Whiskey BBQ sauce and let cook for an additional 5 minutes - then, it's GO TIME!