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WHISKEY BOUND STEAKS! You HAVE to try this EASY flavor enhancement!

WHISKEY BOUND STEAKS! You HAVE to try this EASY flavor enhancement!

This one was a pure fluke. 

I was rushing to prep steaks for a weeknight dinner and our olive oil was nowhere to be found. In the corner that typically houses our cooking oils sat a half-full (or half empty) bottle of Jim Beam. We had just closed-up and winterized our camp in the Enchanted Mountains of NY and brought home some odds and ends.

In a pinch, I spun the cap off like "The Bottle Cap Challenge" and tossed a shot or so across our wagyu ribeyes. Hell, it’s a liquid… and a damn fine tasting one at that, so “why wouldn’t it work as a binder?”

After applying the whiskey binder, I topped the meat with our new Stay Classy Meats collaboration seasoning called Big Medicine and fired up the grill.

Not only did it work¸ but these steaks offered an amazing rustic, rich, smokey taste that I haven’t quit dreaming about ever since. This is my new GO-TO when it comes to insane flavor.

It’s too easy NOT to try out this flavor enhancement tactic…

MEAT. WHISKEY. SEASONINGS. Something every respectable Grill Slayer has in their kitchen... Check out this SIMPLE flavor enhancement to add UNREAL whiskey flavor to tonight's dinner!


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