BATTLE GROUNDS | Savory Roasted Espresso Coffee Rub

Battle Grounds Blend combines the dark aroma of fresh-ground, locally roasted espresso coffee with a rich blend of dark pepper, salt, garlic, and a hint of cayenne. 

One word... BRISKET. This blend is also exceptional for dark meats like venison, elk, beef, bear, pork,and ribs. Add a few pinches to your roasted veggies or your morning eggs to wake the whole house up with that unmistakable smell of premium coffee paired with fresh ground herbs and spices. 

Ingredient List

Ingredients: Salt, garlic, coffee, onion, black pepper, sugar, paprika, nori, cayenne, and cloves

* battlegrounds

    Customer Reviews

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    Emily B
    Purchase in Bulk!!

    This seasoning is one of our favorites - so much so we've started buying it in bulk. You can put it on pre or post cooking but lordy it is good regardless. It also pairs great with the buzzed coffee salt. Can't recommend it enough!

    stacey tweedt
    Phenomenal Flavor

    These seasonings are our go to. Must have battlegrounds for our briskets & tri-tips. Only complaint is their is not enough on the small shaker to do a whole brisket, so that is the only negative is price per product. But still a 5 star product.

    Michael Johnson
    This stuff is LEGIT!

    Used it on a Tri-Tip and the flavor was amazing! Great Stuff!

    Battle grounds

    This stuff is addicting. Awesome on chicken or pork. Haven't tried it on red meat yet but excited to do so.

    Esley Miller
    a keeper

    this is my go to for briskets. also great on steaks and beef ribs