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    Joseph Kania
    Perfect Appetizer

    This dip is quick, easy and extremely delicious! Great for taco night or any gathering!!

    Audrey Mohlenhoff
    Amazing flavor!

    I eat pretty healthy and make a lot of “sauces” using Greek yogurt. Figured this could add some flavor to some of my chicken and rice meals and boy does it! I just mix half a pack of seasoning with Greek yogurt and little bit of water and this stuff is better than ranch dressing! I’m pretty addicted and couldn’t be happier with the way this had made my meal prep so much better.

    Mike Kendrick
    UNREAL dip. This Dip is the next Dill Dip

    If you have ever had Dill Dip or 'rye boat' Dip this should replace it ASAP. This mix is awesome. Yes it does have a kick but its a light kick that stays with you for a little while. If you think you are going to get anything off this site without a kick you are ordering a hat or a hoodie

    Mix this pack just like the instructions say.. let it rest about 2 to 4 hours in the fridge and then use it like you would for a bread dip or on a grilled chicken souvlaki salad (your welcome) or just eat it with a spoon

    like a great man once spoke ...UNREAL !!! -Ed Bassmaster <3

    Pretty damn good!

    I actually didn’t enjoy this one as much initially as the Drinkin Dip, but it was because I was using the wrong chips. I was trying to eat it with jalapeño flavored chips and it didn’t go as well. Once I tried it with regular salted chips I was hooked on it just as much as the Drinkin Dip. Damn good stuff!


    We received this in a gift basket and loved this dip so much we promptly ordered more. Fantastic Product!